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Shelaney Campbell

Shelaney began her career in broadcast media at America's Most Wanted, where she was hired as a Receptionist. Upon graduating from the University of Maryland she was promoted to a Production Assistant, where she learned the skills to become a Feature News Writer.

Through the years she's worked her way up to writing and editing scripts for air, booking talent, and expertly coordinating field shoots and directing dramatizations.

Her greatest strength is providing extensive research to uncover the intimate details of a story that makes the account both unique and compelling. She has an extensive law enforcement contact list and can handle the most sensitive of subject matters based on her previous crime show experience.


Shelaney also has in depth knowledge working in Development and Casting for national television shows and commercials. Her clients include National Georgraphic, Investigation Discovery, Oxygen, and

Most recently she traveled to Europe to Field Produce a religious documentary with Phil Robertson from "Duck Dynasty," where she coordinated the location permits, and crew for the film that was shot in four different countries.

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